About Me

I was born living in the spirit world as well as physical and to me, it seemed a natural way to be.

In that world, I was in contact with the creator and all multi-dimensional realities. I was experiencing the multi-dimensional realities that sustain this world.

As a child, I had countless spiritual experiences and visions of my own that that was to come.


In the 1960's, as I was living my childhood, I began to understand I was different.


Growing in a highly dysfunctional family environment I began to shut down my gifts out of fear of not fitting in and seeking approval.


I left home at 16 and went on to become a celebrity hairdresser for 12 years on Collins Street, Melbourne.

Then at the age of 28, I lost everything I had worked for.


I lost my marriage, my home, my wealth and I found myself at rock bottom and now a single mother.


At the same time, I went for my first psychic reading. I was very nervous, however, there I met my first spiritual teacher who I worked on developing my gifts with for 5 years full time.


Starting 1987, I learned how to do tarot readings, numerology, palmistry, healing, channeling, past life readings and spiritual knowledge.


I was trained through my teacher whilst she was in trance (this is when the spirit comes through the person and speaks, and the person will not remember it) and was taught by Spirit masters - The Great White Spirit and Isis the Egyptian goddess.


I worked with my teacher until her passing in 1993.


I then went out to Diamond Creek, Melbourne, and opened The Himalaya Centre, and I practiced there until 2002 working with individuals doing readings, healing work, and transcendental meditation groups.


At the time I was also on my own continued spiritual journey - still clearing the past after 50 years of trauma. As I was clearing the trauma I found that my gifts were evolving and so was my life.


I returned to Melbourne to practice and to continued my life purpose of healing others.


During this time Spirit told me I was a Shaman and began teaching me shamanic techniques and how to work with the soul and frequencies.


In 2012, my path further evolved, thanks to Spirit, to include assisting Twin Flames in their union, understanding of their capabilities, and healing of their souls.



I have published my first book The Legend Of True Love - A Psychic Romance and I'm now in the process of writing my next book.


A novel with hidden spiritual messages and the other a book on Twin Flames. The next will be released this year.



I am now more passionate than ever to serve and heal others



Empowering You on Your Spiritual Journey



Much Love,



Josephine Celeste