Shamanic Healing



Josephine Celeste was born from a lineage, gifted with multiple faculties, psychic, medium, channeller, clairvoyant and Shaman healer.
Shaman healing is very powerful, it's the most traditional form of healing used in Atlantis, Egypt, Incas, Amazonians, American Indians, Peru and many other civilizations in the world.
Typically it is passed down from one generation to the next. The Shaman is the mediator between worlds bringing you the healing energy that is specific to your needs. 
Shaman Healing creates a balance in your energies.

Shaman Healing is a vibration that heals as well as shifting old patterns, karmic past or present life, thus dissipating blockages allowing you to move forward. 
Shaman healing also promotes good health, healing mental, emotional, physical and spiritual issues. 
As many of your physical issues have a deeper core reason for manifesting. 
Shaman Healing is suitable for all ages from the unborn child to the elderly, the healing energy is very subtle.


Children's Universal Healing


Most children born in the last few decades are very spiritual, evolved or old souls.  Spiritually they are highly evolved they have


incarnated for various reasons some being:  

To finish off their own Karma/lesson in life.

To teach people they come into contact with.

To be reincarnated to take on other Karma.


Every child's purpose for incarnating is in alignment with his/her soul.

Children are generally sensitive in nature although the more spiritual they are the more sensitive they are to energies around them. 

The healing is of a light though gentle energy. Issues addressed can be of an emotional, physical, mental or spiritual level.

Ages range from birth to 13 years.

It's with unconditional love and it's my great honour to guide you on your unique journey.
Thank you
Josephine Celeste