Eternally grateful and I am still in awe of the Ascended Masters' sovereignty and messages that Josephine channelled in. Truly blessed, empowered and excited to be part of the course. I am becoming more in tune with my intuition and remembering who I am. Thank you Josephine xx

~ Netti


Coming from an interesting background myself and having emptiness from a young age...

Not confronting these issues thinking they'd go as i grew.. I noticed the issues were only becoming stronger as i realised stuff i guess i hadn't had or had missed out on, nothing i have tried regarding the way i feel from my childhood has helped me until my partner recommended me to see Josephine.

I cant quite describe the feelings i now have and happiness, a lot of anger is released once I have had my healing. Lots of positivity!

I'm also completely new to this form of healing i knew nothing at all, and after two visits so far, i feel more of what i didn't and less of what i shouldn't feel if that makes sense.

I absolutely recommend seeing Josephine.

It is an experience that you just need to see and feel for yourself.. There is not a way to explain how amazing her power is, she will fix whatever it is your dealing with.

~ Myles Gibbons




What a profound soul expanding and healing experience the workshop was.

It is a privilege to be in Josephine's company and to connect to the guidance and sacred knowledge of the Ascended Masters.

It was a soul initiation of such profundity that the complete power conferred and gift development will unfold over time.

I knew immediately that all that had been conferred would be used in my healing practice to help others, and in my general life to build the inner peace, calm and soul knowing I have craved my entire life.

The experience is already feeding deep clarity about my life journey and purpose, and full trust and knowing that we are so lovingly supported to become our true selves.

What a truly incredible and life expanding journey we are on with Josephine and the Ascended Masters. 

In deep gratitude for this overwhelming honour and opportunity.

~ Beti



Hi Josephine,

Just letting you know how amazing I feel. I'm feeling like my old self.

The anger I feel does not hang around. I can feel it melting.

I feel so much stronger within myself.

Thank you and I look forward to seeing you Thursday week

~  Danielle McBain 



Hi Josephine,

Just wanted to say thank you for yesterday's healing.

I now feel like the person I used to be and it's wonderful.

I can't thank you enough for what you have done for me.

You are truely a remarkable and gifted person.

~ Katie 



Dear Josephine

Thank you for  the reading I had. 

As I have come back to you because the predictions of all the changes at my work place have happened and I am now very happy in my new place of employment as well as all the other guidance you have given me.

It's changed my life.


Many thanks  

Louise Parsons 




Hi Josephine,

Thank God I have found you! I love your website it is beautiful and I am so happy to see you are still using your gifts. I have been trying to find you for years every now and then I would do a search but obviously the time wasn’t right. I found out yesterday that Leigh had past away and I am sure she has helped me find you today. I am shattered by the news but I am sure she is still very close to us all.


I just want to let you know that I have been involved with many, many so called spiritual groups over the years but have never found any that measured up to what you had at the Himalaya Centre, I have never found the integrity or honesty that was sooo inherent in your teachings. I have always tried to live by the knowledge you instilled in me through your teachings and when I have worked as a teacher/healer myself it is your guidance that is always the basis of my belief system, the foundations you instilled in me have never left me and I long to have that connection again.


Obviously over the years I have gone on to learn many lessons and at times have tried to deny my spiritual self. But I always feel a hole, an emptiness and a long for reconnection at some level. Unfortunately I have encountered many people in the ‘industry’ who “talk the talk” and have become at times very disillusioned and confused. I think because I was taught by the purest three women whose only agenda was the soul evolution of the people who were fortunate enough to cross their paths! And if nothing else comes of this email I want to thank you for that from all that I am.


I met my husband in 2000 and we got married in 2004, we have a wonderful life and I am very happy. Megan has grown into a beautiful young woman and is about to have a baby this November, a baby girl! So yes I am going to be a Grandmother! I still struggle with issues but much has become clear to me, they say menopause brings up any unfinished business and I have been bombarded LOL  but I am working through things the best I can and always try to look back to myself first for the answers as you taught me!


I would love to hear from you and if you are not too far away I would absolutely love you to do a reading for me, you predicted so many things that came true in my life and you always told me how it was and not what you thought I wanted to hear! I know this email will come as a shock but I hope to hear from you soon!


Love and Light 


Caroline xx 

Caroline Griffiths-McLeod